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Birthdays, stuff, and things…

We have had a few fun developments here in Texas… Biggest and most impressive was that Wyatt turned one! I am very impressed with our ability to not only keep one kid going, but to get another all the way to the ripe old age of 365 days is really something special! We had a party, he had cake, Grandma and Great Grandma came… it was a good time!

We also took an awesome trip back home to Cincinnati over the July 4th holiday. We got to see lots of friends and family in Cincy before heading down to the lake and spending the week there at Tom and Kathy’s floating house. It was amazing to see everyone and spend time with y’all… As much as I love Texas it is always great to get back home and see everyone.

Progress on the new house is progressing. We found an amazing house and manged to get a great deal on it. Part of our agreement was that because the sellers were in the process of building a new house they got to “rent” our house for a couple months while there house was getting finished. Erin and I were OK with this partly because we loved the house, and because it got us closer to the end of our current rental lease here. Well that time is about up and we will be moving over Labor Day weekend into the new house. We do have a couple pictures from doing the walk threw and whatnot, but I think I will just hold off till I can get some real ones. Needless to say we think it is pretty awesome and are super excited for the move.

Well, that is about it. See ya next time!

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Catch Up!

So all 3.25 of y’all that follow this blog may have noticed I haven’t done much in terms of updating it in a few months… Five or so to be more exact… Part of that is because we have been very busy with the kids, life, work (not me), etc… and part was due to some major issues with the service we use to host this site. They worked for weeks to solve a few issues that was keeping us from being able to access the site, as well as it being to load for y’all to see. But that has seemed to have been resolved, our kids are still around and oddly enough are not making it easier to get free time from, and I like yellow. That last part has nothing to do with anything but at least now you know right?!

OK, I won’t pretend this is going to recap on EVERYTHING I have missed. Instead I will just say I have managed to keep up on the Smugmug.Greatlandings.com site with a ton of photos. In the time I have missed here we just recently had Memorial Day, Caden’s 4th Birthday, The Rodeo, some fun times, and Erin and I are just about to close on a house (real pics to come soon). All and all we have been very busy and I feel bad I haven’t done a very good job keeping the site up to date. But I am hoping to do better starting now… Wait, OK… now…. 🙂

Thanks for reading my garbage and if you want to know more about something just leave a comment below! Also, I have some fun plans I am working on for the photo site as well as the blog here, so stay tuned!


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Christmas 2013

Christmas in Texas this year was great! Unlike last year you could tell Caden was very much aware of what was going on, who was coming, and what that meant in terms of presents. Erin even did the whole Elf on a Shelf thing for him and it was awesome to wake up everyday and watch Caden look for his elf (he named him Fred). We were also very lucky to be able to have both sets of grandparents come visit us in December. My parents came just before Christmas and Tom and Kathy came for a little over a week just after.

I took a whole bunch of photos including a little photo shoot with Caden and Wyatt. You can find them on the Greatlandings Photo Site in the Christmas 2013 album as well as the Tom and Kathy December 2013 Visit album.

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Celebrations, Vacations, and a Wedding… Oh my!

Seems lately it takes me longer and longer to get these posts up. I blame it on the kids, or Erin, maybe my allergies… but it is certainly not my fault. 😉 Anyway, it was just about a week ago that Erin, myself, and the kids made the trek across the USA to Cocoa Beach Florida. The reasons for the trip were many. First and foremost Jenny Ashpaw was getting married! Then there was Erin who had to work and visit come Caterpillar people… and rounding out the list was some beach vacation time as well as a trip to Disney for Caden and I.

All and all things went well. Caden and I had to take a separate flight to Florida but he was a trooper and behaved very well. Same for Wyatt who went with Erin on a direct flight. Once we arrived we got checked into our condo and spent the rest of the day relaxing (drinking) and getting ready for the week (more drinking). Erin had to do some work so she was gone most of the next day, but between my awesome child watching skills (not really) and help from the rest of the family (thank you!!!!) I was able to manage both kids and the beach on my own.51483710000

Later that week Caden and I joined Steph, Andy, Jackson, Heather, Jeff, Andrew, and Caroline at Disney Magic Mountain. We had a fantastic day and even with the lines, heat, and crowds the kids did amazing. By the end everyone was beyond wore out, but for the most part were in good moods for most of the day.

Then came Jenny’s wedding. I can never put into words how amazing and beautiful the ceremony was so I am not going to even attempt it. I will just say that it was an amazing night and I was very happy to have been there to see it. Thomas and his family are great people and I have no doubt Jenny and him are going to have a long and happy marriage. As a side note, any wedding that ends up with a good part of the bridal party in the pool is destined to be something to remember.

So that was it… A week of sun, fun, and a wedding. I took a bunch of photos, some of which I haven’t even posted yet. But if you would like to check out the ones I have you can find them on the Greatlandings Photo Site in two separate albums. First is in the Vacation category under Cocoa Beach Vacation 2013 and the second is under Weddings and titled Jenny and Thomas Bird Wedding. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Congrats to Jenny and Thomas and thank you to all the family for helping us out that week! Good times!

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