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Birthdays, stuff, and things…

We have had a few fun developments here in Texas… Biggest and most impressive was that Wyatt turned one! I am very impressed with our ability to not only keep one kid going, but to get another all the way to the ripe old age of 365 days is really something special! We had a … Continue reading »

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Catch Up!

So all 3.25 of y’all that follow this blog may have noticed I haven’t done much in terms of updating it in a few months… Five or so to be more exact… Part of that is because we have been very busy with the kids, life, work (not me), etc… and part was due to … Continue reading »

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Christmas 2013

Christmas in Texas this year was great! Unlike last year you could tell Caden was very much aware of what was going on, who was coming, and what that meant in terms of presents. Erin even did the whole Elf on a Shelf thing for him and it was awesome to wake up everyday and … Continue reading »

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Celebrations, Vacations, and a Wedding… Oh my!

Seems lately it takes me longer and longer to get these posts up. I blame it on the kids, or Erin, maybe my allergies… but it is certainly not my fault. 😉 Anyway, it was just about a week ago that Erin, myself, and the kids made the trek across the USA to Cocoa Beach … Continue reading »

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