Falling behind…

So I have been seriously falling behind in a lot of things as of late… Caden, Wyatt, OK mostly Caden will do that to a fella… I wanted to do a whole post on Wyatt’s two month update but now that we are pretty much up to three months I am starting to realize that is most likely not going to happen. I also wanted to include some updates on Caden, but again time is something that just isn’t on my side. So for now I just want to share and link to some recent photos we did. The first are from Wyatt’s two month pictures and they can be found on the Greatlandings photo site HERE. The second are from our recent trip to a local pumpkin patch here in Houston where the family had a great time. You can find that album HERE.

Check them out and keep an eye out for a few fun new updates on the way, including one that I think is pretty dang awesome!

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Cincinnati Visit!

This past weekend Erin and I decided to take the kids up to see Grandma, Grandpa, and the family in Cincinnati. Most have only seen Wyatt in pictures and we wanted everyone to have a chance to meet him before he starts playing football at Texas A&M with his older brother. Just like our trip to Minnesota both kids did awesome on the airplane. Wyatt did his normal “I’m just gonna sleep here for the next four hours” but Caden behaved like a perfect little man. Played his toys, iPad, had some snacks. Erin and I couldn’t even sit near each other on the way up, but she was able to handle both kids all by herself which is something I never would have guessed possible a few months go.

Tom and Kathy put us up for the weekend and hosted all the visitors that came out to see us and the kids. We had a great time seeing everyone and can’t thank y’all enough for coming to see us. Caden is still telling me daily “I need my Colten back” and “I want Grandma”. Sure signs that he had a great time as well.

I took a few pictures. Not as many as you might think, and somehow managed not to get a single one of Tom or Kathy with the kids. The good news is we will get another chance in a couple weeks when we all head to the beach for Jenny’s wedding. Thanks again to Tom and Kathy for putting us up and giving up your bedroom. It was great to see y’all! You can check out the pictures on the Greatlandings photo site under the Events category in the Cincinnati Visit 9-20-2013 album.

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Labor Day in Minnesota

This past holiday weekend Erin, myself, and the kids went up to Minnesota for our annual Labor Day weekend visit. This was also the first time that my family has gotten to see Wyatt in person. Flying with two kids was a new experience for both of us. We looked just like all the people I used to laugh at when I was a pilot. Strollers, kids, backpacks, diaper bags, multiple suit cases… it was a sight. But the flight went well and everyone behaved which was also a new experience for both of us. Wyatt just slept the entire time which is pretty much his M.O. but Caden was good as well. Playing the iPad and reading his books. It was actually pretty fun sitting by him.

Once we got there we quickly learned that Minnesota has the potential to have the same weather as Houston. Which was fine by us. We have had trips this time of year that were very cold and miserable. This time around it was hot and humid for most of the time and towards the end it cooled off to the 70’s and was very nice and comfortable.

We got to see lots of people while we were there. My parents and Grandma of course, but also Erin’s friend Mikki and her son Blake, as well as my friends Missy, Sheila, and their husbands/boyfriends. Not to mention all the fun neighborhood folks we haven’t seen since last year. It was also Bouja weekend which is my parents neighborhood party complete with a lawn mower parade, corn hole tournament, and lots of drinks. We did the boat, jet ski, golf cart, four wheelers, and just about everything else you could imagine. We were even able to stop by Fort Snelling and visit my grandpa and uncle mark, and introduce them to Wyatt.

All and all it was a great time and we had a fantastic time up there. My only complaint is that it went way to fast and I can’t wait to go back. As you probably guessed I took a ton of pictures and videos. I am still working on some of the stuff, but the pics are up on the Greatlandings Photo Site if you want to check them out. They can be found in the Holidays album under Labor Day 2013 – Minnesota.

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Wyatt One Month Old, and Family Update

It is hard to believe that it was an entire month since Wyatt was born but according to the calendar it is true as true gets. It has been a busy busy month for everyone. I think back to when Caden was born and that was 10000% easier then it has been this time around. Not because of Wyatt, he is the best baby on the planet (more on that later), but because of Erin’s maternity leave, having Caden in the mix, and life in general, it has been a VERY busy 30 days. But I am here now, posting the update, so lets get to it…

2First up is Wyatt.. He is AWESOME! I don’t know how else to say it, but AWESOME! He has been an amazing baby. Sleeps through the night, eats like a champ, and outside of a tiny bit of acid reflux that has been fixed with some great meds, he has been nothing short of amazing. Currently he is eating about every 3-4 hours which means either Erin or I are getting up in the middle of the night, and no one is getting a whole lot of sleep, but he is getting longer and longer everyday and I fully expect him to be sleeping through the night fairly soon. Otherwise he doesn’t do a whole lot during the day… Eat, sleep, poop, repeat.. lol… We just had his one month doctor appointment this past Monday and they were very happy with his weight (9 lbs 13 oz) and his strength. We go back for his two month appointment next month and that is when he will get his first shots.

On to Erin, after just three weeks off she is back to work. Thankfully Wyatt is such a good baby so there hasn’t been any issues outside of Erin missing her new baby boy. Luckily Caden has been going to pre-school (more on that later) and I have been able to go to Erin’s office and take Wyatt to visit. She has handled the whole situation amazingly, even being up and moving around the day after Wyatt was born, but to go back to work less then three weeks later is pretty impressive no matter who you are.

Caden… Caden… Caden…. What do I say about Caden. First off, he is awesome with Wyatt. Loves him to death, wants to help, kiss, and just be near him. Which is great, because we were all VERY worried about how he was going to react. Truth is Caden has had some issues with ADHD and is currently taking medication to help him deal with it better. But the second we brought Wyatt home, he was more then happy to help, love, kiss, and snuggle what he calls “baby Wyatt”. Just today I was in the shower for less then 60 seconds when I heard Wyatt crying from his chair in the living room. Having told Caden to come get me if Wyatt starting crying I was a little annoyed not have heard from him at all. After hurrying up and getting out I was drying off and noticed the crying had stopped. Upon sneaking into the living room I see Caden gently giving Wyatt back his pacifier and patting his leg while saying, “It’s OK baby Wyatt, don’t cry, It’s Ok”… Yeah, I think they will be just fine.

Erin and I are doing good as well. Like I said before, she is already back to work, kicking ass and taking names. I am at home with the kids which has been challenging to say the least. But we are doing great. I have been taking a lot of pictures, but haven’t had as much time to edit and upload them as I would like. But if you want to keep up one the latest all you have to do is head over to the Greatlandings Photo Site and check out the Births and Kids section in the Wyatt Wallace Carlson album.

One last thing I want to mention is a HUGE thanks to Kathy for coming down and helping us out over this whole birth. She took off work, and stayed an entire month here in Houston with us which was a tremendous help. Helping with Caden, taking care of Wyatt, or just babysitting and letting Erin and I get a break it was beyond helpful and amazing to have her here. So a lifetime of thank you’s to Kathy for all her help over the past several weeks!




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Hello World! I’m Wyatt Wallace Carlson!

This past Saturday, 7/13/13… Erin gave birth to our second baby boy, Wyatt Wallace Carlson! He was born at 3:47pm and weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces and was 20 inches long and is every bit of amazing that you might expect. Erin was a champ throughout the entire delivery including her epidural not working as one would hope. Compared to Caden, Wyatt went much faster with Erin only having to push for less then an hour. Not to say that time was “easy” or anything, because believe me, she was not happy.

Once baby Wyatt came out though she was very happy as was I. He has been the most perfect thing ever since. He very rarely cries, and spends most of his day sleeping quietly. He doesn’t need much of anything, just a comfy place to be and he is good to go. I am very excited to see how he does on his first night here at home.

Caden has been awesome with Wyatt coming home. We were both worried because Caden has a very big attachment to his Mommy. To the point that I am not allowed to hug her or talk to her when she comes home from work. It I had a dollar for every time I heard the words “No Daddy! This is MY Mommy!” I would be a rich man. lol… But with Wyatt he has been very sweet, helpful, and more then willing to share him with “his” Mommy. I think he is going to be a great big brother.

For now we are still getting settled and adjusting to having TWO kids. Thankfully we have Kathy here for the next few weeks to help us. She has been a lifesaver watching Caden and taking care of things. Steve and Kelly have also been super helpful during this time. It isn’t easy to have a baby with a three year old without much family around to help, but thankfully we have some great people in our lives willing to help us. So huge thanks to them!

I am planning on taking a ton of pictures, maybe even another 365 project like I did with Caden. In the mean time you can check out some pics from our first day or so on the Greatlandings Photo Site under the Birth and Kids section in the Wyatt Wallace Carlson album.

Thanks to everyone for all the great messages of support! We love y’all!

PS – For anyone wondering we had a really hard time with names this time around. We had some solid girl names, but boy names were much harder for us. I was stuck on Casey (my middle name) and Erin really liked Cash. It wasn’t till we went out for our “last dinner” at a fancy steak place that Erin came up with Wyatt Wallace. Wyatt being a name that she really liked (me too) and Wallace being my late Grandfathers name. All and all I think it turned out pretty great!

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